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Mantova Biennale
I am pleased to announce my work was invited to be shown at Mantova Biennale in Italy. I just shipped the two pieces "News Report US Border" and "News Report Syria". Feels almost like it did when I sent my daughter off to Czech Republic when she was 17. She had to fly by herself (long story). Was going to go as well but instead I'll be having knee surgery do to another injury (another long story). If you happen to be near Mantova June 8-16 go see it and report back!
A show at mi casa! May 18, 11:00-11:00...927 Third Ave. A Celebration... artists: me of course, Betsy Anderson, Jean Smith, Bradley Books, Sabrina Pitman, Barb Samuelson, Sue Hagedorn, Barb Pullin, Gary Reed and poet laureate of Longmont (I gave him the title as Longmont doesn't have a poet laureate) but if they did it would be David Bailey! Special guest appearance by Batman!!!
oh JEEEZ news
There has been a lot of news I have not kept up with, If only I had studio assistant that could keep up with it for me, the position is open although there is no budget for the position so I'm guessing no one cares about this labor of love like me and would be willing to work for free lol.

Right now "Social Structure" is at Dona Laurita Gallery in Louisville. As member of her "collective" of artists I also have work at Boulder Digital Arts and at the Eldorado Springs Arts Center (it's magic fairly land up there, if you haven't been it worth the five minute drive from Boulder). Dona's gallery was chosen best of East Boulder County by Boulder Weekly! I have contributed my work as part of an altar at the Longmont Museum's Dia de los Muertos exhibit , we are honoring our dear friend Bernadatte and I just finished a Catrina painting for the upcoming procession and Catrina Ball at the Firehouse Arts Center. I an a member of Core Gallery in Denver, Woman Made Gallery in Chicago and a "friend" of Ceres Gallery in NYC.
I will try to get on top of much little time
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news and more news
Still more news...I will be participating in a show in NYC at Ceres gallery called "Friends". It will be there July 18-August 12.

And yet more news...My show "Misplaced and Displaced People" has been taken to Dona Laurita Gallery in Louisville, CO. It is now part of an ongoing show called "Shutter Relief" and is all about social justice. Opens Friday May 5.

More News...I was accepted to a show in Huntington NY that was juried by Jennifer Harris, a curatorial asst. at MOMA NYC! Yeah!!

News! I was the featured artist on the National Women's Caucus for the Arts website for the month of April 2016. I am quite honored!
b.j. spoke gallery, Huntington, NY
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Linda Gleitz:

Dear Artist,

Congratulations! your work has been selected by our juror, Jennifer Harris, curatorial assistant at the Museum of Modern Art, to be included in our EXPO 36 Exhibition to be held during the month of March at the b.j. spoke gallery in Huntington, NY. There were over 340 entries to the competition and only 18 artists were selected.

True Confessions
Here's the real news...Linda Gleitz has not really updated her web news in like two years...except for a couple things...I was going try to fill in stuff until i realized it all posts with todays date so "F" it...just know you missed a lot of news about my art and then lol...
current news
I am the featured artist on the National Women's Caucus for the Arts website for this month. VERY honored.
I was very honored to have my piece, "Honoring Sandy Hook and Other Mass Shootings" included in the National Women's Caucus for Art show in New York City in February. It was a wonderful show. AND I was invited to show my work at a show in Chicago called "Women of Many Colors" at the Chicago Urban Art Retreat. yipee!
I have my painting "We Choose to Tell You That You Have no Choice in this Matter" featured in the publication "Women's Right's, An Artist's Perspective"! It is the catalog from the show and is available on Amazon.
Invited to "Women of Many Colors" show at Chicago Urban Art Retreat....nice!
Invited to "Women of Many Colors" show at Chicago Urban Art Retreat....nice!
Capistrano IV at the Longmont Museum
It's up!! Now through May Artist's Statement:

If the current science is correct, and this universe started with a big bang, all beings and all matter can trace their atomic structure back to stardust. This truly makes us “one” with the universe and connected to everything we see and experience. We share this planet with many other beings and some of them are social like us. I keep thinking we can all learn from each other. This installation is an attempt to do that and an attempt to honor our feathered friends who seem to know something about how to work together. We all know about the power of many. I want to salute the beauty and grace of each individual birdie and the beauty, power and strength of many working together. What I have noticed in other species is that they mostly seem to work together for the common good. I am trying to capture that instant when an entire flock of birds turns together…sometimes called a murmuration.

This is the fourth incarnation of my Capistrano series. I was captivated as a child by the stories of the swallows of San Juan Capistrano who migrate far and wide and return to those same cliffs every year. I do believe there are some powerful forces at work on this marvelous planet Earth.

Super J's and My Three Graces to be feature in a book...
"Night of 100 Angels" which was an international juried show in Laguna Beach, CA last year...the book should be available soon. The piece is combined with words from Rumi..."if you were born with wings, why would you chose to crawl through life?"
Two Articles in Times Call Newspaper in one week!
go to links page to view the about my Capistrano project and The Bird Show and one about my food paintings...
Speaking Art Award
Congrats to me! I won (First Place Juror's Award) the Speaking Art (Art that speaks to you)'s an online gallery...even won money!! I will post a link when their website is up & running!

This is the first news item I have posted...shame on me! I had so many shows and such to post and never did not to optimize your website!!!-UGH! New Year's resolution,...