Linda Gleitz Art

Still more news...I will be participating in a show in NYC at Ceres gallery called "Friends". It will be there July 18-August 12.

And yet more news...My show "Misplaced and Displaced People" has been taken to Dona Laurita Gallery in Louisville, CO. It is now part of an ongoing show called "Shutter Relief" and is all about social justice. Opens Friday May 5.

More News...I was accepted to a show in Huntington NY that was juried by Jennifer Harris, a curatorial asst. at MOMA NYC! Yeah!!

News! I was the featured artist on the National Women's Caucus for the Arts website for the month of April 2016. I am quite honored!

This lovely lady is the "Goddess of the Birds and Bees". She is part of my army of goddesses I'm making to stamp out all of the evil in world. Wish me luck on that! I am also continuing to work on my new "Social Structure" which I will show at Core Gallery in Denver in May.

I make message driven art because I believe we can use art to help change the " f...ed up world. I am trying to affect compassion in viewers. I am currently working on a new series about immigration and refugees as well as another incarnation of Social Structure. (this city out of clay will stack better on the gallery wall and it will stay together as one installation...the first one I sold off building by building.


Linda studied art at the University of Colorado and then had a family and a job that consumed most of her time for 35 years. She has been fortunate to turn back to her artwork full time for the last four years. She shows locally, regionally and nationally. She enjoys supporting the art community in her hometown by participating in Artwalk, Longmont Studio Tour and other local events. She installed 150 ceramic birds at the Longmont Museum as a part of her “Capistrano” series and facilitated a collaborative project on the same topic at the Salud Medical Clinic in Longmont. She has volunteered art teaching at Soft Voices, a drop in center for mentally ill people in Longmont. She recently completed a mosaic mural with those folks. She also shows nationally in nationally mostly in select shows in Chicago and NYC.

She is most proud of her recent inclusion in the “National Women’s Caucus for the Arts Best of 2014” show in Chicago and of their 2015 show, "WCA at Westbeth" and now April, 2016 featured artist on their Website. She was in the company of some really amazing internationally known artists there and she felt very honored to be included.

Her work can be found in some publications including “Night of A Hundred Angels”; “Women’s Right’s an Artist’s Perspective", sponsored by Unite”; "WCA at Westbeth" (show catalog) and "Voices, an Artist's Perspective" (also a show catalog). All books are available at She hopes to continue making art until the day she dies…hopefully making the world a little more beautiful and kind.