Linda Gleitz Art
Very excited to be included in the National Women's Caucus for the Art's "Best of 2014" show in Chicago...the show is in February at ARC Gallery in Chicago. They accepted the piece "We Choose to Let You Civilly Unionize" it is in the New Work folder!!

This is a new painting about the flood here in Longmont...just at the bottom of my street...I had walked down to look at the river when the sun came out for like 10 minutes on the Thursday of the flood. My son, Max and his girlfriend, Jessica had coincidentally driven down at the same time for the same reason. I saw them across a small stream of water in the street trying to start his the time the that they saw me and ran over to me the water was rapidly rising and we were trapped. We waded out trying to walk with the very strong current...sort of diagonally to the edge of the deeply flowing river. We obviously made it out. The painting is called "Suddenly Scared".