Linda Gleitz Art
I just added an interview on my links page. it's with NY- Art News! it's currently live!

This is a new painting called "trump's insane Border Wall Ideas." He actually suggested a moat with crocodiles and deadly snakes, razor wire and spikes on top. I find what's happening on our border and with immigration in general under the current administration tragic sad and just wrong. Tis painting is currently at PAKS Gallery in Austria waiting for the Cannes Film Festival to be rescheduled. (Corona). The art show will be at the Cannes Palace Grand Hotel.

I also have work currently being shown in Milan, Italy, associated with my work being included in a book "The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2019". These Italian curators, Francesco Saviero Russo and Salvatore Russo found my work on Facebook. They have given me the honor of my work being included in the above mentioned book, the show Mantova Biennale, a Michelangelo award which came with a book of the work of all of the award artists, and an image of mine in "Art International Contemporary Magazine". This has all been very exciting for me! Look in the folder Publications of My Art.

And now I have received a "Leonardo Da Vinci award from same curators!

I am also working on my "Symbiotic Revolutionary Army", the most peaceful army ever (I just stole the SOUND of the name from those Patti Hearst kidnappers!). The Goddesses basically represent plant, human, animal and mineral peacefully coexisting. We humans have been living like parasites on the planet for far too long. We need to get to a state of symbiosis, mutually beneficial relationships between us and mama earth and between each other. I was partly inspired by the Women's March this year, I have been making art for quite some time that is from the perspective of the victim which can be powerful but sad. I'm ready for some hope. My original plan was to display them in a huge spiral perhaps rising higher as they spiral in however I keep getting images in my head from that Women's March...maybe they will be in a formation like a protest march. Images in portfolio under Symbiotic Liberation Army!

I make message driven art because I believe we can use art to help change the " f...ed up world. I am trying to affect compassion in viewers. And I hope to make the world a tiny bit more beautiful with my art.


Linda studied art at the University of Colorado and then had a family and a job that consumed most of her time for 35 years. She has been fortunate to turn back to her artwork full time for the last four years. She shows locally, regionally and nationally. She enjoys supporting the art community in her hometown by participating in Artwalk, Longmont Studio Tour and other local events. She installed 150 ceramic birds at the Longmont Museum as a part of her “Capistrano” series and facilitated a collaborative project on the same topic at the Salud Medical Clinic in Longmont. She has volunteered art teaching at Soft Voices, a drop in center for mentally ill people in Longmont. She recently completed a mosaic mural with those folks. She spearheaded an art auction fundraiser with the Women's Caucus for the Arts, Colorado Chapter to raise money for Planned Parenthood where they raised over $10,000. She also shows nationally mostly in select shows in Chicago and NYC.

She has exhibited in the “National Women’s Caucus for the Arts Best of 2014” show in Chicago and in their 2015 show, "WCA at Westbeth" and in April, 2016 she was the featured artist on their Website. She was in the company of some really amazing internationally known artists there and she felt very honored to be included.

Linda feels very and honored fortunate to have her work included in a book "What is a Woman?". This sweet little book is a project by "Together to Empower", a non-profit organization in California dedicated to...gusess what?...Empowering young women! The book is only $10.00 and is available here:

Her work can be found in other publications including "Montova Biennale" "Michelangelo Award Recipients" "The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2019" "Artist's International Magazine" “Women’s Right’s an Artist’s Perspective", sponsored by Unite”; "WCA at Westbeth", "Voices, an Artist's Perspective" and "Artisti 20"

She hopes to continue making art until the day she dies…hopefully making the world a little more beautiful and kind.